Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stinkfest Commentary

Stinkfest was amazing. It was at this really cool place called the Jalopy. The Jalopy is a musical venue/bar/coffeehouse/guitar shop. I talked to the owner and guess what? They were from Chicago and modeled the place after Old Town School of Folk Music!!! Anyways, the Jalopy set the tone of whole day as well as the stunning weather. History was being made. This was the first-ever family music conference of this magnitude. Artists, promotors, writers, distributors, bookers, and other music professionals were coming together to share knowledge on the fastest growing industry in music today. The four discussion panels were all relaxed yet very informative. They included Promotion, Booking, Distribution, and discussion about TV, Books, and Beyond. The best part about this whole event was the sense of community amongst everyone there. Tor Hymans said it best. He talked about how we have chance to do family music in a different way and that there were no limits.

Here is a great quote from, a blog from the founder/CEO of Sonicbids, Panos Panay, "Children’s music artists: you have my respect. I can assure you you’ll be seeing a lot more appropriate listings on Sonicbids in the near future. P.S. Talk about creative. The entire Stinkfest took place in a cool theater called Jalopy. We need more music events that happen in music venues. Enough with the boring hotel decore."

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