Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Beat Kitchen Fall Kids Concerts!!!!

So here is the line-up for this year's kids concert series at the Beat Kitchen. The Beat Kitchen is my favorate place to play. It may be the pre-show bloody mary's, the yummy food, the great sound, or the intimate crowd. It also may be Gomez, the bar owner's commitment to bringing great kids' music to Chicago. Or it may be the parents reminiscing about hanging out at this bar in their younger years. Whatever the case, parents love to meet out with their other family friends for some live music. As far as Kids Concerts, we might not have Jammin' Java, that cool Bowery Poetry place in NY, or World Live Cafe PB & J but Chicago does have the Beat Kitchen. Let's toast to that!

10/25 Shana Sings
11/1 Human Tim + Robot Tim
11/8 Karen 4 Kids
11/15 The Little Miss Ann Band
11/22 Mary Macaroni
12/6 The Swing Sets "Remember the 80's"
12/13 Lindsay & Jesse
12/20 Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans