Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Couples who make Kids Music

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. 15 years together. My husband is the drummer in my band (The Little Miss Ann Band) and does the cover art for my kids cd's. More importantly, he has provided tremendous moral support. When our daughter was little and we had just bought our humble home, my husband supported my idea to use my scant savings to make my first kids cd just because. . .

Married duos are no new thing to music in general. Couples like Captain and Tennille, John and Yoko, and Sonny and Cher have sung and played music together over music history.

Kids music is no different. My all-time favorate, Elizabeth Mitchell and her husband, Daniel Littleton, (and daughter Storey) are not only a family unit but they are a working band. They have created 4 soulful folk-rock kids cd's (as well as adult music too). One was with Lisa Loeb and their last cd was a Smithsonian folkways recording.

Another husband and wife duo that make kids music are called the Innocence Mission. After making several grown-up cd's, Don and Karen Peris worked together to create a dreamy kids cd called "Now the day is Over".

My husband and I played music before we had our daughter like the others I mentioned. The only big difference for us is that we never had a little person sleeping up in her room while we were practicing in the basement before.