Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gustafer Yellowgold

So Wednesday night, I drove out to a mall in the Chicago burbs to see Gustafer Yellowgold with my daughter at Barnes and Noble. I'll be honest it was a school night. My daughter said she'd only go with me if we could only stay for 2-4 songs. She's 7 years old. What can I say? Anyways, we stayed for 6 songs!

Wow! Not only is Morgan Taylor extremely crushable, he's multi-talented. He is a singer/songwriter, an illustrator and a storyteller. He created this whole multi-media show with a little yellow cone-headed guy named Gustafer Yellowgold. I especially loved Gustafer's little eel friend. Anyways, Taylor's narrates and sings throughout the trippy "yellow submarine" like animated show. I loved that the animations were hand-drawn and not overly computerized. His voice and the songs were also really good!

Gustafer Yellowgold is from NY and is passing through. Don't miss your chance to see his show. He'll be playing two shows on May 16th at Schuba's, 3160 N. Southport - 11 am and 4 pm.

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  1. We LOVE Gustafer. I think this is the most creative new kids project we've seen. Especially love the fact thathe doesn't talkdown to kdis but is still able to deliver lessons about nonconformity, loyalty, acceptance, etc. without preachiness. And yes, the art is gorgeous.