Monday, April 27, 2009

Human_Tim and Robot_Tim

I'm a sucker for an album that has a bunch of instrumentation like ukes, banjos, autoharps, and toy pianos especially when one guy is doing it all. Tim Knuth's 13-song debut album Human_Tim and Robot_Tim "Pop of the Tots" does exactly this. Not only did Tim play all the instruments on the cd, he also recorded it, mixed it, and even did the cd design. The funny thing is that this Old Town School of Folk Music Wiggleworms instructor will stick to his story with a straight face about his music-playing friend Robot Tim.

"All the parts on my record are sung and played by me and my robot, who is really like a music recording computer. I have a room in my basement that looks like a cross between a
recording studio and a junk-shop, and I spend lots of time playing different instruments and making odd noises. "

This album (recommended for ages 3-8) alternates between Indie Pop "They Might be Giants"- influenced songs to Country songs a la Hank Williams style. The whole cd however has both acoustic AND electronic sounds infused throughout it. Human_Tim has an ear for adding these extra effects subtlely and at just the right spots.
The song that I've been playing over and over (and over) is "Curious Planets", a heartfelt and catchy commentary on the state of our planet. I also like Tim's Johnny Cash-like "Rainbow" song. Nice work to Human Tim and uh, nice work to you too, Robot Tim.

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