Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dreamtree Shakers

So, today I was riding my bike on the streets of Chicago which is anything but relaxing and this Dreamtree Shakers song kept going through my head. And although I was dodging potholes and broken glass on the street, all was good for me. I felt peaceful as I hummed the song "Watching the Leaves Fall" to myself. That is how this 10-song debut album "Dream and you will See" from a new kids band, the Dreamtree Shakers makes you feel. Singer/Songwriter Jeremy Babcock and harmonizing Shawn Schlag have been playing together since middle school in a band called "Third Wheel". Many of the members of Third Wheel are in the kids' band "The Dreamtree Shakers". Something about the lovely harmonies, the inviting flute, and the easygoing yet energetic feel of their music makes you want to play hacky sack at a Dead concert. (ummm . .this is actually a good thing). Tackling subjects like nature, friendship, optimism, and achieving ones dreams go beyond your basic kids music topics. My other favorate songs are "Her Sound is Sunshine" and the title track "Dream and you will See". This is an album to get if you enjoy singing with your kids (or by yourself) in the car.

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