Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Gigs in One Day

This blog wasn't meant to promote my music. "Yeah, right!" you say? No really, I promise that's not my intention. But since I haven't written in this blog in 3-4 years, I do feel like I'd like to give you a sense of where I"m coming from for my first post "back". On Sat. I played two gigs. I only do kids music in case you're wondering. No moonlighting at night as a "grown-up" musician.

The first one was a band show at the Hideout, a well-known hipster bar in Chicago that looks like something from WI. We were playing a show with a band called "Future Hits".  Matt Baron, the leader of indie rock band, Future Hits, is an ESL teacher and writes curriculum based songs.  This was our 3rd time playing at this venue with them.  The music started at 3pm but we had to be there at 1pm to load-in, sound-check, etc.  Anyways, we had a great crowd and everyone was happy to be out because we've been having a harsh winter of blizzards and sub-zero weather. Some people have been calling it "Polar Vortex" or "Chiberia".  The show went really well. See above video for a reference. Also, since it was a kids show at a bar, I have to admit, it was really nice to have a drink with my band (including my husband) after the show. While enjoying my "free" drink,  I said to my band members, "Why is it always that the more fun gig comes before the less fun gig?" as I got ready to leave the Hideout to go do a birthday party an hour away.

After leaving the Hideout, I drove out to Orland Park. It was completely out in the middle of nowhere compared to Chicago.  "Oh my gosh. Where am I?" I just left my family and friends on a cold winter Sat. night to come out to no man's land.  I was starving and had a little time so I stopped into some random Italian deli.  I ordered a sandwich and bought a bunch of stuff like anchovies, pesto, ladyfingers, etc. I talked to the owner for a little while. Everyone who worked there was very friendly. Afterwards, I scarfed down 1/2 my sandwich which was super yummy in the car. They forgot to put in a napkin so I had to use my mitten to wipe my face.

I got to the party and let me tell you I was SO wrong about it being a "less" fun gig. I walked into this house and everybody was dressed in beautiful Indian garb. Wow, the woman, the men, and the children all looked stunning to me. And what a wonderful community. Everybody was friendly and engaged in my show. They were laughing and singing along. Even the elderly grandma came up and sang a song into my microphone. After my show, when I told them I already ate, they sent me home with a huge to go bag of authentic Indian food. 

I really enjoyed this party because although it was chaotic there was a ton of community. It really reminded me of filipino parties growing up.  I told the kids at the end of my little concert, "Embrace your culture and don't conform to be like others. That's boring!" The parents all cheered after I said that.

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