Friday, September 4, 2009

On the Waterfront Fest

So there are some pro's and con's to playing kids music and writing a kids music blog. The pro is that you know the inside scoop on what fests have a kids stages because you've played them. The con is that when you're writing about a fest that you're playing at it comes off as self-promotion. (Which I'm not exactly opposed to).

Anyways, Bill Osbourne has an impressive line-up at this year's On the Waterfront fest in Rockford, Illinois. Not only is the Little Miss Ann Band playing but so is Thaddeus Rex (a reading enthusiastic kids musician), The Boogers (kids music meets the Ramones), and Secret Agent 2 Skidoo (kid-hop music all the way from Asheville, NC).

Cheap Trick may have paved the way with their music in Rockford, but us kids rockers are going to keep it going.

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