Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wicker Park Fest Kids Tent

Wicker Park Fest is this weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Kids tent will be on Milwaukee on Evergreen. If I wasn't playing this fest, I would never have been able to find the kids tent line-up:( on-line. I've played this fest twice before and I love it! It's so much fun.

This year's line-up is bursting with Old Town Folk Wiggleworms peeps like Lindsay Weinberg, Laura Doherty, Karen Lubicz-Banks and I. Also, Jeremy Babcock who isn't a Wiggleworms instructor is part of the Old Town family!

Noon Mary Macaroni
1:00pm Lindsay Weinberg
2:00pm Beazley Phillips
3:00pm Jeremy Babcock of the
Dream Tree Shakers
4:00pm Bucktown Music School
5:00pm Little Miss Ann

Noon Mary Macaroni
1:00pm Kids’ Yoga with Soulistic
2:00pm Chang’s Martial Arts
3:00pm Mad Science of Chicago
4:00pm Laura Doherty
5:00pm Karen 4 Kids

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