Monday, June 1, 2009

Free Wiggleworms at Millenium Park All Summer

Only 9 more days. Mark your calendar. It's really the best deal in town. Everyday from June 10 to September 4th in the Family Fun tent at Millenium Park, there's a free Wiggleworms performance at 10 a.m. everyday. Everyday for like 80 days straight. Pack a lunch, take the train, bring your kids' suits to play in the fountain. That's not all that's free for kids too. In the past, there's been a bunch of other free things going on for kids in the same tent - storytime, art/science projects, full kids band later in the day, things to play with like hula hoops, building blocks, or beach balls, etc.

Here's the line-up!!
June 10th - Julie Helenius
June 11th - Maryanne Johnson
June 12th - Mr. Singer
June 13th - Linda Robertson
June 14th - Laura Doherty
June 15th - Karen Banks-Lubicz
June 16th - Anne-Marie Akin
June 17th - Lindsay Weinberg
June 18th - Maryanne Johnson
June 19th - Mr. Singer
June 20th - Karen Banks-Lubicz
June 21st - Linda Robertson
June 22nd - Tim Knuth
June 23rd - Anne-Marie Akin
June 24th - Lindsay Weinberg
June 25th - Lisa DeRosia
June 26th - Mr. Singer
June 27th - Shana Harvey
June 28th - Lindsay Weinberg
June 29th - Tisa Plays
June 30th - Anne-Marie Akin
July 1st - Rose Nadolsky
July 2nd - Shana Harvey
July 3rd - Mr. Singer
July 4th - Laura Doherty
July 5th - Shana Harvey
July 6th - Tisa Plays
July 7th - Laura Doherty
July 8th - Little Miss Ann
July 9th - Tim Knuth
July 10th - Mr. Singer
July 11th - Carol Weston
July 12th - Julie Helenius
July 13th - Linda Robertson
July 14th - Anne-Marie Akin
July 15th - Little Miss Ann
July 16th - Lindsay Weinberg
July 17th - Mr. Singer
July 18th - Julie Helenius
July 19th - Shana Harvey
July 20th - Lisa DeRosia
July 21st - Diana Laffey
July 22nd - Little Miss Ann
July 23rd - Lisa DeRosia
July 24th - Mr. Singer
July 25th - Shana Harvey
July 26th - Julie Helenius
July 27th - Tisa Plays
July 28th - Rose Nadolsky
July 29th - Carol Weston
July 30th - Angela Watkins
July 31st - Little Miss Ann
August 1st - Linda Robertson
August 2nd - Julie Helenius
August 3rd - Diana Laffey
August 4th - Anne-Marie Akin
August 5th - Little Miss Ann
August 6th - Lisa DeRosia
August 7th - Linda Robertson
August 8th - Shana Harvey
August 9th - Julie Helenius
August 10th - Maryanne Johnson
August 11th - Karen Banks-Lubicz
August 12th - Little Miss Ann
August 13th - Tim Knuth
August 14th - Karen Banks-Lubicz
August 15th - Julie Helenius
August 16th - Laura Doherty
August 17th - Maryanne Johnson
August 18th - Laura Doherty
August 19th - Little Miss Ann
August 20th - Lindsay Weinberg
August 21st - Shana Harvey
August 22nd - Lindsay Weinberg
August 23rd - Lisa DeRosia
August 24th - Maryanne Johnson
August 25th - Angela Watkins
August 26th - Linda Robertson
August 27th - Maryanne Johnson
August 28th - Angela Watkins
August 29th - Linda Robertson
August 30th - Laura Doherty
August 31st - Maryanne Johnson
September 1st - Angela Watkins
September 2nd - Lindsay Weinberg
September 3rd - Lisa DeRosia
September 4th - Angela Watkins

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